About Me

I am Kate Hanley, born and raised in Detroit and back living in this amazing area that I call home. I lived in northern Michigan for much of my adult life and had a home on the Ausable River with acres of woods surrounding me. Wildlife was always just beyond my picture window with daily sightings of deer, bear, a bobcat, and all types of smaller animals as well as a vast array of birds and ducks. Through this experience I gained a great appreciation of animals in their natural habitat.

I found my way to sculptural mosaics and realized I could join my creative inspiration with the beauty, grace and power of animals in the wild. Finding the story of each animal through their skeleton, and the region of the world they come from, is an exciting process and I strive to express the dignity of each through my art.  

Sculptural mixed media mosaics provides the freedom to incorporate a variety of elements into the work including glass, beads, cabochons, and vintage jewelry. The process of placing one bead at a time becomes a type of moving meditation that allows for an immersion in the flow of color and shape.

Kate Hanley working in studio on a skull.
Supplies in Kate Hanley studio

I have heightened my understanding of mosaics through research, attending numerous classes and workshops around the country, and meeting talented mosaic artists who so willingly shared their knowledge and techniques. I am a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, Mosaic Artists of Michigan, and the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Please feel free to contact me to inquire about purchasing an artwork, or to commission a private or public work.