About my Art

Animal skulls for mosaics.

Mosaic art provides a medium through which I design works that create a new way of seeing natural objects and their beauty. My appreciation of the untamed world is captured through the raw beauty of unaltered animal skulls as the keystone for my art.

There is a lack of symmetry in any skull and I incorporate that variability, resulting in shifting designs from one side of the skull to the other. The natural curves and contours are what inspire me as I work. Finding the message in the scaffolding of bone is an exciting journey that reinforces my love of mystery and nature.

Kate Hanley working on skull in studio.

Integrating nontraditional elements into the design allows for the creation of a unique voice for the animal that is at the heart of the piece. Elements can range from stained glass, ceramics and smalti to beads, buttons, shells, vintage jewelry and other decorative objects. The skull of the animal creates the landscape for the story that is told.