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About my Art


  Kate’s work is experimental and not easily placed in one medium as she expands the definition

  of “mosaics” and “mixed-media”. Her work provides a new way of seeing objects and challenges 

  the viewer to find new meaning in the work.

  The use of 3D substrates allows for the exploration of shape and flow through the

  application of a variety of tiles, glass, metals, and other elements that blend or explode

  the meaning of the object. 


  Kate does not develop a design and then copy it onto the structure. She begins with

  an overall theme and then chooses a focal area from which the design flows and changes.

  The approach may be playful or serious but is always meant to relay a story created by

  the inclusion of color, design, and handpicked components. The challenge is finding the 

  tesserae that elevates the structure to new levels of narrative.

  In Kate’s work with animal skulls the challenge of creating a design that honors the animal’s spirit and demonstrates

  the elegance and power that were part of their living persona energizes each piece. Integrating nontraditional elements

  into the design allows for the creation of a unique voice for the animal that is at the heart of the piece.

                                                      Taking more than 150 hours for a large skull, the intricacies of placing one bead at a time

                                                    becomes a moving meditation. The uniqueness of each animal is expressed through color,

                                                    movement, and design which may be symmetrical in one area and more abstract in another.

                                                    Elements can range from stained glass, ceramics and smalti to elements that blend

                                                    with the piece such as beads, buttons, shells, vintage jewelry, and other decorative objects.


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