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Karnon - Spanish Goat Skull

Karnon is the Celtic Horned God often associated with the deity of animals, fertility, life, and wealth.


The beautiful sweeping horns define the majesty of the piece and the colors of red, black and silver emphasize the dramatic structure of the skull.


Ammonite Geodes represent the eyes as it is said that keeping an Ammonite in your home attracts health, prosperity, and success.

The beautiful Crazy Lace Agate on the forehead is considered the “laughter stone” and brings joy to those in its presence.

Crazy Lace Agate, Ammonite Geodes, Czech Glass Seed Beads & Bugle Beads, Glass Cabochons, Silver Findings, Rhinestones, Paint

23”L x 25”W x 7”D


Available., $1825.00

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