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Rouge Et Noir – Gemsbok Skull

The Gemsbok antelope embodies the spirit of the desert. They have developed physiological adaptations that allow them to go long distances without water. Their long horns are effective in fighting off predators but when fighting for dominance they stand alongside each other and hook backwards and sideways with horns as long as 33”.

The dominance of black beads in this work represents the Gemsboks’ habit of seeking out shade during the day and foraging at night. The deep red color symbolizes the power and courage required to face the challenges of a nomadic life in the desert.

Spiderman Jasper is a protection stone and a favorite stone of writers. It is one of the stones that helps a person find their place in the world.

Spiderman Jasper Cabochon, Glass Tile, Glass Beads (Drop/Ginko/Brick/

Honeycomb/Gemduo), Rhinestone Cup Chain, Triangle Rhinestone

and Glass Art Cabochons, Wax Paste, Paint

Size: 43”L x 17”W x 12”D



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