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Astraeus - Ram Skull

Astraeus is the Greek god of dusk and winds.


The whirling stars in the eyes create the sense of movement and the silver chain is symbolic of the children of Astraeus who could control the stars.


The muted colors of sunset are intertwined with the shadows of nightfall. The beautiful Simbircite cabochon brings prosperity and general satisfaction in life to those in the house.


The stone is said to calm the spirit and relieve stress.

Materials:  Simbircite-ammonite with Silver Pyrite Natural Stone Cabochon, Silver Findings, Van Gogh Glass, Czech Glass Seed Beads, Black Rhinestone Cabochons, Rhinestones, Czech Glass Buttons, Paint

12.75”L x 20.25”W x 7.25”D



Available, $2350.00

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