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Falco has the speed of the peregrine falcon and symbolizes power and, when needed, aggression. Falcons symbolize winning or victory especially in addressing the needs of people held in any form of bondage. Falco moves swiftly with the vision of the falcon (eight times better than humans) to help those who face adversity.

48”H x 24”W x 13.75”D:

Resin Mannequin, Metal Base, Ceramic and Metal Tiles, Glass Tiles, Millefiori Glass Cabochons, Steampunk Jewelry (KindHeartsEmporium) & Earrings (Myriambijoux), Rhinestone Cup Chain, Leather Sleeve Garter (Discombobulous), Czech Glass Buttons, Glass Butterflies, Feathers, Paper Cocoons, Sea Glass Beads, Wire Headdress Frame (Geckomeister), Paint


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