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Leopards are graceful and symbolize stealthy hunters. They are solitary animals and their ability to see in the dark allows them to hunt at night. Panthera is a warrior with the strength and perception of the leopard. As with her familiar, the patterns of her skin help to camouflage her in the urban environment of nighttime neon and flashing colors. Panthera maintains a keen eye on the predators who would strike in the dark.

47.5”H x 32” W x 13.75”D:

Fiberglass Mannequin, Frosted Glass Base, Leopard Resin Electroplated Silver, Metallic Ceramic Tiles, Glass and Metal Tiles, Tempered Glass Chips, Glass Bugle Beads, Glass Pyramid Beads, Glass Millefiori Cabochons, Metal Leopard Vintage Pendants, Winged Raven Skull Brooch (KindHeartEmporium), Czech Glass Buttons, Rhinestone Cup Chain, Brass Mesh Chain, Leather Bracelets, Silver Wire Beads, Metal Findings, Colored Wire, Cream Wax, Leopard-Resin Electroplated Silver


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