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Verdant Veritas - Blesbok Skull

Verdant derives from the French word for green, “vert”. The title of this work refers to the “green truth” which for the South African blesbok antelope revolves around the importance of grasslands for grazing.


The colors in this work reflect the green and black of the flag and symbolize the vibrant and natural resources found in this land.


The jasper cabochon is the supreme nurturer as it confers patience and understanding. The beautiful art glass embellishes the contours of the skull and the beads and metal accents set off the design.

 Art Glass, Jasper Cabochon, Czech Glass Buttons, Seed Dagger & Brick Beads, Rhinestone Chain, Cream Glaze, Paint  

24" L x 9"W  x 8.5"D 


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